Coaching Staff

A significant part of the Crew’s commitment to their youth programs is to strive to assemble the finest coaching staff in the MLS and be committed to their long-term development through continuing education.

Crew Youth Development Administrative/Technical Staff
Andrew Arthurs - Vice President of Soccer Business Development
Brian Bliss - Technical Director
Jeremy Parkins - Director of Soccer Business Development
Billy Thompson - Director of Coaching
Robert Warzycha - Columbus Crew Head Coach
Ricardo Iribarren - Columbus Crew Assistant Coach
Mike Lapper - Columbus Crew Assistant Coach
Vadim Kirillov - Columbus Crew Assistant Coach

Crew Soccer Academy Staff 
Billy Thompson - CSA 16s Head Coach 
Ian Gordona - CSA 16s Assistant Coach

Frank Speth - CSA 18s Head Coach
Ian Gordona - CSA 18s Assistant Coach

Andrew Arthurs - CSA Assistant Coach
Brian Bliss - CSA Assistant Coach
Jeremy Parkins - CSA Assistant Coach

Crew Juniors Staff
Administrative/Technical Staff

  • Andrew Arthurs
  • Brian Bliss
  • Jeremy Parkins
  • Billy Thompson
  • Robert Warzycha
  • Ricardo Iribarren
  • Mike Lapper
  • Vadim Kirillov


  • Andrew Arthurs
  • Brian Bliss
  • Jeremy Parkins
  • Billy Thompson
  • John Bluem 
  • Simon Davis
  • James Field
  • Ian Gordona 
  • Drew Kaszubski 
  • Willie Merrick
  • Craig Neal
  • Frank Speth
  • Tyler Thompson
  • Glen Tourville

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